Gorgeous Lava Countertops & Sinks by Pyrolave®


Gorgeous Lava Countertops & Sinks by Pyrolave®

Pyrolave’s glazed volcanic lava stone is perfect for the discerning homeowner with highly refined and sophisticated tastes. Think distinctive. Think exclusive. Think luxurious. Think WOW. That’s Pyrolave.

First, a little background on the materials: Volvic lava is an ancient and natural stone extracted from the Nugere crater at the heart of Auvergne’s volcanoes in France. It’s incredibly strong, and, thanks to the Pyrolave enameling process, incredibly heat resistant as well, making it a popular choice for those seeking stone cooking tops that can fire up fast and still look lovely long after the feasting is over.

Pyrolave color swatchesIt’s also perfect for elegant bathrooms and stylish outdoor environments, too! Not only that, but Pyrolave offers a wide range of gorgeous colors. Click on the thumbnail to the right to see the full color palette.

At LEEZA, we’re proud to be Pyrolave’s partner in Canada. You can learn more about Pyrolave here on the company’s main site.

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Product Description

Pyrolave glazed volcanic lava stone countertops and sinks

pyrolave ctaProduct Benefits

  • Heat resistant
  • Scorch resistant
  • Hygienic and non-porous
  • Stain resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Chemical resistant
  • UV stable – no fading of colors
  • Frost resistant
  • Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use