Introducing ITW Sta’-Put Surfacing Adhesives

sta-put1Introducing ITW Sta’-Put Surfacing Adhesives

Fast and easy to use, Sta’-Put®  is our acrylic-based adhesive formulated for any needs in surfacing applications. It can adhere to natural stone, quartz surfaces and solid surface, such as HanStone & Staron. With its full-color match line, Sta’-Put will complete the seam or build-up assembly expected in this industry.

The static mixer provides a mess free and perfect 1 to 10 ratio mixture. You get an accurate dosage, preventing over- or under-curing. Learn more by watching our Sta’-Put Adhesives and Quartz video and our Sta’-Put Adhesives and Solid Surface video or reading the answers to some frequently asked questions.

STA'-PUTProduct Description:

ITW Sta’-Put Surfacing Adhesives



Product Benefits:

  • UV Stable
  • 18-month shelf life
  • Water tight
  • Bonds to almost any natural or composite materials