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kool glass countertopGlass Countertops with Color, Style, & Sass…That’s Kool Glass

There’s something special about a glass countertop, isn’t there? It’s sleek. It’s chic. It’s modern. It’s like something out of an elegant home in Paris or Milan. Now if only you could get a glass countertop in any color you desired. 

Guess what? Now you can. 

Say hello to Kool Glass, our exclusive glass countertop technology that gives you the quality, sophistication, and—most importantly—the color you crave. Choose from one of our 16 carefully crafted designer colors or customize your own fabulous hue to match your room’s décor. (Click on the color swatch below to view the full size.) Opt for a glossy or satin finish (bonus: the satin finish doesn’t leave fingerprints!). Then get ready to fall in love! Our colors truly “pop” and will transform your space.  

Kool Glass: How it Works

kool glass colorsEach one of our glass countertops is precision engineered to your unique specifications. We use only tempered glass, which means you’re getting the strongest, safest, most durable glass on the planet. You select the color, and Kool Glass does the rest. 

Unlike paint, which can crack, our urethane coating is equal parts sturdy and sleek. We apply it to the underside of the glass (yep, you read that right), so the coating never gets touched as it is protected with a high quality metal backing. But our proprietary technology gives the glass its special effect—the whole glass itself appears to be the color you chose, even as you look at it from the top. Totally “kool,” right? 

With Kool Glass, you can think beyond countertops as well. We can apply our Kool Glass kool-glass-brochure-atechnology to glass backsplashes, shelves, partitions, facades, and so much more.

Ready to discover how to add one of these gorgeous glass surfaces to your home? Contact us now.

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Product Description
Kool Glass

Product Benefits

  • Tempered for maximum strength and safety
  • Precision engineered to your specifications (¼”, ½”, ¾” thickness)
  • Ultra-durable urethane coating technology
  • High quality protective metal backing
  • Satin or glossy finish (edges can also be satin or gloss)
  • Low iron, meaning crystal clear glass, which helps colors “pop”
  • Non-porous
  • UV stable
  • Scratch resistant
  • Isocyanate-free
  • Low VOCs
  • 10-year limited warranty