Choosing the Right Stainless Steel Sink

Choosing the Right Stainless Steel Sink

Ah, stainless steel sinks! You marvel at how shiny and clean they always look. You appreciate their quality and affordability. But how do you know which stainless steel sink is the best one for your home? Let’s discuss gauge, chrome/nickel content, and size and shape.

Choosing the right stainless steel sink starts with understanding the difference in steel. Higher quality sinks are made with 304 series 18 gauge 18/10 stainless steel. In metals, the lower the gauge numbers, the thicker and more durable the steel (so 18 gauge is better than 20 gauge, and 16 gauge is better than 18). The “304 series” means “surgical grade” stainless steel. It’s nonporous and extremely durable.

Chromium/Nickel Content
The 18/10 number is the chromium/nickel content of the steel. Chromium gives steel its luster, and nickel gives steel its strength and durability. All of the best sinks are 18/10. But keep in mind that many manufacturers use 18/8. This does provide a reduced cost, but these sinks will not hold their shine like 18/10.

Size and Shape
Size and shape considerations are a personal choice. Make sure that the size of your cabinet base will accommodate your selection. Many people prefer the large/small bowl configuration since larger items that do not fit in a dishwasher fit better in the large bowl.

Wondering what type of sink would work best for your needs? Talk to one of our designers.